Jason Ironheart

b. 5191 d. 5302

Little is known about Ironheart's early childhood. He grew up on the streets of Naulochos on Viridia Prime. At the age of 15, he enlisted in the UVSDF under false credentials. Five years later, now of legal age to enlist, he re-enlisted under proper credentials. He demonstrated extraordinary tactical and strategic ability, and rose quickly through the ranks, serving with distinction in several skirmishes.

On Nebulary 34th, 5236, in a grand week-long celebration honoring the 2500th anniversary of the formation of the UVSDF, and his 47th birthday, Jason Ironheart was promoted to the life-long position of Supreme Commander of the United Viridian Stellar Defense Forces, making him the 107th, and the youngest,1 to hold that rank. His extensive career spanned some of the most interesting events in Viridian history.

Ever the playboy, Ironheart was married 7 times, each wife younger than the one before. He fathered no children, but often referred to Captain Logomere, though only a decade his junior, as the son he never had.

He expired of natural causes just two days before his eleventy-first birthday.

1. In 6243, Togen Jyrexil was made Supreme Commander at age 39, and in 6245 Loir Tasseld, age 46; this makes Ironheart now 3rd youngest to ever hold the rank. He continues to hold the record for longest to hold the rank.

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